Are you ready to align your life, awaken the human spirit, & discover your luminous architecture?

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align from anywhere

Not located in the PDX area but still feel called to work with me? This is where the beauty of technology comes into play.

Virtual Luminosity sessions are a one-on-one virtual experience that allows me to guide you into greater alignment with your luminous architecture, from anywhere in the world! By using a live video call system, we connect via screens to work face to face, spirit to spirit.

Committed to sharing just as specialized and integrative of an experience with my clients as they would receive in person with my Integrative Healing sessions, I design each of my Virtual Luminosity sessions by drawing from a wide array of modalities that I have studied, practiced and embodied in my own lifestyle.

To create a truly unique, personalized experience that transcends technological connection, I indulge your senses with a customized 3 piece sampling of Luminous Elixirs blends. We will incorporate these botanical blends into your Virtual Luminosity sessions, to further assist with the aligning of your luminous architecture