"I have been a client of Jessica's since October 2015.  I live in Virginia and we do yoga via FaceTime 2-3 times a week. Having suffered a debilitating back injury, I chose yoga as a healthy means of hopefully bringing about improvement to my flexibility and movement. As a result of working with her, I have achieved significant improvement to my mobility and have greatly reduced my back pain. She's very intuitive to my needs. Due to her being a dancer, she has a thorough understanding of how the body works. She's timely and is such joy to work with. As a result of working with her I am now active and able to ride my horses after having to take a year off. I highly recommend her services."
Kathryn Gerdes, retired NP, Virginia
"Jessica really has a way with what she does. After every session with her, I not only felt stronger, more relaxed and re-energized but somehow calmer – happier. I always say whenever she puts her hands on my head (or anywhere she focuses her energy through her hands really), I feel absolutely nothing but these tiny wonderful tingles throughout my whole body – it’s really incredible! I couldn’t recommend Jessica more if you want an entire mind/body wellness experience."
Jordan Scott, Founder/CEO of idk, New York

"I’ve been working with Jessica for some time doing primarily restorative yoga and can state unequivocally that I am now a believer. Coming from the perspective of a hard charging athlete, I had some yoga experience, but found it to be somewhat pointless as a workout and generally felt that my time was better spent engaged in other training. Jessica opened my eyes to the recovery and restorative benefits of the practice, and the ways in which she seamlessly integrates conscious energy work into the system makes for a unique tool in my toolbox as I seek to perform better, both in training and in life. I highly recommend working one on one with Jessica and discovering the benefits for yourself."

Kitfox Valentín, Professional Advertising & Fine Art Photographer & Capoeira Instructor, New York


"I was lucky enough to receive my first reiki treatment from Jessica. It was a wonderful experience. I was seeking a healing practice due to a tibial stress fracture. On the particular day of my treatment, my schedule tends to leave me pretty exhausted. By the time Jessica and I met up mid-afternoon I had been awake for work since 4AM and had attended a photography class. Although I didn’t feel an immediate effect, I realized just how powerful and rejuvenating her treatment had been later that evening. Instead of totally crashing for the rest of the day as usual, I felt completely energized, and was able to attend a 2hr swimming workout without a nap or any mental resistance, discomfort, or fatigue. Jess took care to create a comfortable relaxing environment for healing at my apartment: lighting, music, etc. She was empathic and caring throughout. I felt that when she used her touch that the boundaries between us dissolved and her hands were directly a part of me. When my session finished she willingly took time to discuss what I had experienced, and make sure I understood what she had done on her end. One of the most prominent experiences during our session together were the involuntarily muscle twitches I’d had. She explained that this was my body reacting to the release/shift of energy. It felt like when you twitch in your sleep, except my mind was completely conscious. You’re in great hands with Jessica, and can expect a delightful + restorative session."

Claudia Germuga, Founder of Health & Wellness Blog Enchanted by Sunlight, New York