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falling together - a women's gathering 

Saturday October 27th 6pm - 8pm @ The Grinning Yogi PDX

Sliding scale $10 - $20 (Cash or Venmo)

Official invitation - please RSVP by Friday October 26th

After a summer of transitions, I’m hosting my FIRST women's gathering in Portland, to cultivate the luminous community in Luminous Architecture's new home base. We will ground down into the fall energy together and explore how we can best take care of ourselves during this season. Gathering near Samhain, this is a powerful and intentional way to celebrate our descent into the darker half of the year.

By observing what is happening in the natural world around us, we can better understand what is happening within us. Entering into the sacred circle I have cast, we will open with a grounding movement practice that will allow us to connect with our internal rhythms and the rhythm of the circle we are gathered within.  Once we have rooted into ourselves and the space we share, we will delve into various holistic lifestyle design elements that will nourish you through the fall season. These include introspective writing, nature connection, food as medicine, and self-care rituals. With the integration of this seasonal wisdom, you will be able to map out and navigate the months to come in the way that best serves you. Together, we will fall into the energy of autumn.