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restorative yoga + essential oils

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Pairing restorative yoga poses and seasonally supportive aromatherapy, this class is designed with some serious nervous system nourishment in mind. Opening with slow, gentle movement, guided by breath to allow you to drop into your body fully. With the support of yoga props, you will rest in grounded poses while I deliver the aromatherapy of each oil and provide gentle hands on adjustments to assist with deeper settling into the pose. This self-care practice is all about slowing down and taking care, with seasonally specific support weaved into each class.

Lughnasadh women’s gathering

1st week of August - invitation with details will be released mid July


Tune Up Fitness / The Roll Model Affiliate Link

Purchase Roll Model® Therapy Balls to integrate into your holistic movement lifestyle. I highly recommend these products - I personally use my Yoga Tune Up balls on the regular for myofascial release work, and enjoy guiding others through the beneficial uses of this deeply somatic release work in private sessions and open classes.