Full Moon No. 25, Summer


St. John's Wort I discovered in my backyard - a plant that embodies the spirit of summer
“Take refuge in your senses, open up to all the small miracles you rushed through.”

John O'Donohue
Hello sunshine
Where have your summer adventures been taking you? Have you been able to slow down and enjoy the sweetness that the summer season offers you, if you allow yourself to connect with this vibrant, warming energy? 

I've been yearning to take a social media break, or just a full on screen break, and will gratefully disconnect from the grid this week on a backpacking trip with my wild woods man and lovely mama. But before I disconnect, I wanted to share a medley of movement and wellness related resources, links, and topics to mull over during your down time this summer. In case you didn't know, all of my Lumen Letters are always available to peruse through on my website, so feel free to come back to this one (or any of the others) at your own leisure. 

In no particular order, because departing from structure is a nice way to align with the more carefree, adventurous summer spirit, here is your luminous summertime medley.
Looking for some new reading material? All of Katy Bowman's books are on super sale (yes, cheaper than Amazon) throughout the summer when you order directly from the Nutritious Movement bookstore. While you can't go wrong with your selection, I believe everyone should read Movement Matters, so that's a great one to start with if you're unsure.

Refresh yourself on the clean fifteen and the dirty dozen - it's updated yearly by the EWG.

A few of my favorite podcasts that are definitely worth giving a listen:
Medicine Stories
Ben Greenfield Fitness
Move Your DNA with Katy Bowman
The Body Awake
The Lifestylist 
This Thing Called Movement 
On Being

Integrate the use of Roll Model® Therapy Balls into your holistic movement lifestyle. I highly recommend these products - I personally use my Yoga Tune Up balls on the regular for myofascial release work, and enjoy guiding others through the beneficial uses of this deeply somatic release work in private sessions and open classes. If you decide to invest in this self-care tool, please purchase through my affiliate link!

While my favorite summertime footwear is, well, none (being barefoot!)...when I'm hiking the backwoods or simply around Portland, I opt for minimalist sandals that allow my toes to spread and my feet to work. I personally sport Luna Sandals and Bedrock Sandals, but Earth Runners, Xero Shoes, and Shamma Sandals are also great brands to check out.

Skip the chemically laden store bought dry shampoos, and make this super easy, cheap, and safe DIY dry shampoo for light and dark hair. It works so well, and arrowroot powder is great to have on hand for a gluten free breading alternative. I also use it in some of my Luminous Elixirs products. And if you're really on a DIY hair care, use this herbal infused shampoo recipe as inspiration. I'm loving the shampoo I brewed up for myself this spring based off of that recipe!

Sun's out, buns out! A mindful, well informed approach to sun exposure is necessary to retain the benefits of the sun's light and avoid the damaging effects. If you really want to nerd out on the effect of light, natural and artificial, then read Sunlight Makes You Skinny & Blue Light Makes You Fat: 11 Ways To Biohack Light to Optimize Your Body & Brain by Ben Greenfield.

Less scrolling, more strolling! Take a social media break and embrace the great outdoors. A social media break is beneficial for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 
May the summer spirit sing songs of adventure, liberation, and brightness 
to your sweet soul. 

Luminous love,
stay wild & free
Photo: Kitfox Valentín

The summer season calls for a kind of liberation from the shackles of mundane living. Since seasonal energies, cyclical awareness, and nature connection are guiding forces in my own life and body of work, I’m expanding my offerings to reflect this wild and free summertime spirit.

In addition to
Virtual Luminosity, my one-on-one live video sessions that allow me to guide you into greater alignment with your luminous architecture from anywhere in the world, I’ll be releasing a few free, high quality movement + lifestyle videos shot in epic locations around the PNW. My hope is to offer more free content while building my private clientele this summer - either way, I could use your help! Forward this email to someone who you think would be interested in working with me, following my growing body of work, or who has a wellness clientele of their own that could refer my work to their community. And what would you like to see me cover in these free videos? I want to provide what will serve my tribe best, so please respond directly to this email with your suggestions.

These will not be yoga videos. As I continue to step into my own as a movement and wellness guide, I want to make it very clear that what I offer is so much more than yoga. If you’re not familiar with what I offer,
check out my website to learn more about my process!
Stay luminous!
This is Lumen Letters, a writing platform where I share my thoughts on holistically human living. Hopefully, you find the general information in this letter informative and helpful, but it is not intended to replace medical advice and should not be used as such.
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