Full Moon No. 26, Summer


Pathway of rose petals on my front porch
“The time is not yet ripe for you to be a hawk - so you may as well sit down for the moment and learn to be a human being.”

T.H. White, The Once and Future King
Sweet greetings, dear
Simplicity has been a personal theme and focus for me the past week or so. I've really been appreciating the simple things in my life. How the rose petals my wild woods man scattered on our front porch make each leaving and returning home feel that much more special. How cooking bannock over the fire and crafting corn dollies in my backyard with other women brought such joy to my spirit. Our lives are made up of many simple moments - how do we make these moments matter? A lot of it has to do with perspective, and honing our awareness towards those little wonders that can so easily pass us by if our eyes and hearts aren't open to them.

I've been offering very simply sequenced group yoga classes and private sessions this week to highlight not only how I feel about taking a very basic approach to movement, but how my students and clients respond to that simplicity. Do they embrace the basics, the slowing down, the lack of fancy flair and distraction? Or do they find themselves bored, feeling like they're not not doing enough, or even feeling anxious?

It's been a fun little experiment to run, and while it's not over yet, I can say that most people have really enjoyed stripping down to the bare bones of their movement practice with me. It wasn't always easy, in fact, sometimes less is more. It required more focus, patience, and presence from my students and clients, which are all great attributes to practice and continue to develop in our lives.

I'm keeping with the theme of simplicity, and pairing that with a good dose of comedy since an open heart helps enliven our child-like wonder with the world. Here's a simple, comical guided meditation to remind you to not take life so seriously all of the time...especially in the summertime 
May a child-like wonder paint the way in which you move through this world,
appreciating the simple moments that spark joy in your heart. 

Luminous love,
booking fall clients
Photo: Kitfox Valentín

My calendar is filling up this fall, and I'd love to keep the momentum flowing by scheduling more private sessions. Whether near or far, one-on-one, or group instruction is what you're seeking, I've got an offering for everyone. View my offerings to see what resonates and book a complimentary consultation. 
Stay luminous!
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