Full Moon No. 24, Spring


Grief in Exile - Mariee Sioux
“And I'm still weaving this life with iridescent strands, and we're all fucking nuts but the future still depends on us.”

Mariee Sioux, My Birds
 Hey sweet one

Sorry to have missed you the last full & new moon...I was moving into a new home, and well, you know how that goes. My cup was feeling a bit empty, and any free time I had was spent making a new home, or taking movement and nature breaks for sanity's sake. With the summer solstice upon us, and the full moon bright and radiant in the sky, I am feeling much more energized and inspired these days. I also owe my cup being filled to a quick overnight backpacking trip by a mountain lake and the release of Mariee Sioux's new album, Grief in Exile. 

In fact, Mariee's new album has had such an impact on my spirit, that I've been playing a carefully crafted Mariee Medicine playlist featuring songs from her new album, as well as songs from past albums, while teaching my private clients and yoga classes this week. I am a dancer by profession, a mover by choice. Movement, especially when paired with the right music, is one of the most potent forms of medicine I have experienced in my life. I sincerely hope that Mariee's musical medicine resonates with the undeniable thirst we humans have to connect with our ancestral wisdom.

Take a listen to the playlist I've been using in classes and with clients below.
Mariee Medicine
Check out Mariee's BandCamp page, & give her a follow on Instagram - her posts are just as powerful as her music.
May you find healing through movement, music, and mother nature,
shy not from the dark,
and embrace the light.

Luminous love,
stay wild & free
Photo: Kitfox Valentín

The summer season calls for a kind of liberation from the shackles of mundane living. Since seasonal energies, cyclical awareness, and nature connection are guiding forces in my own life and body of work, I’m expanding my offerings to reflect this wild and free summertime spirit.

In addition to
Virtual Luminosity, my one-on-one live video sessions that allow me to guide you into greater alignment with your luminous architecture from anywhere in the world, I’ll be releasing a few free, high quality movement + lifestyle videos shot in epic locations around the PNW. My hope is to offer more free content while building my private clientele this summer - either way, I could use your help! Forward this email to someone who you think would be interested in working with me, following my growing body of work, or who has a wellness clientele of their own that could refer my work to their community. And what would you like to see me cover in these free videos? I want to provide what will serve my tribe best, so please respond directly to this email with your suggestions.

These will not be yoga videos. As I continue to step into my own as a movement and wellness guide, I want to make it very clear that what I offer is so much more than yoga. If you’re not familiar with what I offer,
check out my website to learn more about my process!

summer solstice soirée - a women's gathering

Saturday June 22nd 7pm - 9pm 


view invitation with details + rsvp

Let's embrace the lightness of summer together with food, drink, and backyard enchantment. A potluck style women's gathering to take it easy and enjoy the sweetness of life when you surround yourself with incredible women.

Stay luminous!
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