New Moon No. 11, Winter


Mt. Slide Spring
Luminous Elixirs Lover's Whip
Photography: Kitfox Valentín

“But what is stronger than the human heart, which shatters over and over, and lives.”
Rupi Kaur


I write you a love note, today. As I do on each new and full moon. My Lumen Letters are love notes to your luminosity. And to your darkness. To all facets of your being. We are multi-faceted expressions of energy. We are luminous architecture – our body, mind, and spirit come together to create a complex and carefully designed structure, from which we are our own source of energy. When we understand how to organize, align, and transform our integrative, yet highly individualized systems of structure, we connect to our personal source of energy, harnessing the power that allows us to emit the blueprint of the life we envision for ourselves.

Now let's get down to this winter new moon's heart of the matter - the mind, body, & spirit love notes I've written and hand-crafted, literally, to invoke a little more luminosity deep within your being. 

We could learn a thing or two from nature.

The dear mother of my wild woods man shared this short film about biomimicry with me last month, and I was left in a state of awe after watching. Mind = blown. If you don't have 21 minutes and 47 seconds to spare right now, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, for the love of humankind, this planet, and all the lifeforms we share our Earth home with, return to this letter at a later time and have your mind blown. It is absolutely necessary to love, appreciate, and protect the intelligence of the natural world that we are so severely disconnected from and yet so deeply interconnected with.

We need to learn a thing or two from nature. 

Biomimicry: the examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration from in order to solve human problems.
"Prancercising gets me in touch with my sensual nature, while at the same time, giving me the fitness capacity to kill a mountain lion."
A little light-hearted movement practice brought to you by my favorite ultra spiritual ginger. If you're not familiar with JP Sears, well...you're welcome. I'm not so sure about the legitimacy of Prancercising (because it is a REAL thing) being a positive practice for the body, although, of course I've tried it out and the silliness of it all did inspire a sense of joy. I do know, however, that the kind of belly and soul deep laughter you experience from JP's satirical videos is an extremely positive practice for the body, as well as an effective core strengthener ;)
Prancercising is like a cross between yoga, CrossFit, and Japanese horseback archery.


My hand-crafted love notes manifest in the form of Luminous Elixirs, my seasonal wellness elixirs. As we move into late winter, there can be a real lull in vital energy. Spring seems so close, and yet so far away. Everyone could use a little more love in their life around this time of year. Whether you're flying solo or soaring together, these two limited edition Lover's elixirs are designed to support you in tending to the matters of your heart. Kindling an inner sense of warmth and inspiring sensuality, the Lover's Essence and Lover's Whip are tantalizing blends to be enjoyed alone or with a lover. Think self-massage or partner massage, adorning yourself to attract a partner or to arouse your current partner, or just showing your senses, skin, and soul some indulgent self-love by using products that are instilled with love, luminosity, and the highest quality all natural ingredients by yours truly. 

Luminous Elixirs Lover's Essence Rollerball Blend NYC Brooklyn essential oils
A spicy + sweet rollerball blend, designed for kindling warmth and aligning yourself with the spirit of love.

Portable, packable, & precious, this blend captures the essence of love, from scent to spirit! 
Luminous Elixirs Lover's Whip Body Butter NYC Brooklyn seasonal health beauty skincare
A warming + spicy sweet body butter that will nourish your skin and your heart. 

Show your skin some love while tending to matters of the heart with this decadent moisturizer, whipped up to hydrate, invigorate, and warm your body's largest organ while aligning your senses with a state of soft openness and embrace. 
May you tend well,
to the matters of your heart.
Nurture your love.
Heat things up.
Ignite a flame of luminosity,
harness your source,
& spread that light like wildfire.

Luminous love,

wild women, join me tonight under the new moon

women's winter womb - a gathering

Thursday February 15th, 7pm - 9pm in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Connect with me for location address

Sliding scale $10 - $20 (cash or PayPal/Venmo), all materials provided

Gathering in sacred circle sisterhood, to create a space within the depth of winter's cradling womb to explore, honor, and ultimately, release the "deaths" or dark times along your lifeline. Opening the circle with intention, sharing, and connection to breath and body through gentle movement. Discussing the concept of descansos, mentioned in the book "Women Who Run With the Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. No need to have read this book to join. We will then embody this practice of descansos through a simple art project. Closing the circle with an element of restorative yoga and energy work. Nourishing snacks and tea post practice to continue to integrate the work and cultivate connections with other women.

Show yourself some luminous love every new & full moon!
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