New Moon No. 7, Summer


“In seed time learn, in harvest time teach, in winter time enjoy.”
William Blake

Happy almost fall!
The autumnal equinox is upon us this Friday September 22nd, marking the beginning of the fall season. While we use this day to signify the change of seasons, in reality, we can observe that there is a gradual transition occurring in our natural world from summer to autumn at this time. With this transition in mind, this Lumen Letter veers off the path of sharing a curated collection of insights I've gathered from others. On this new moon, I'm sharing a selection of my own personal offerings arriving with the fall season that those of you both near and far can find something to harvest from! 

William Blake also said "A thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest," and I couldn't agree with him more. In trying times, it's easy for us to fall victim to negativity. But that negativity usually induces added stress which can result in a spiraling down effect on our psychology. Then we feel stuck, stagnant, or well deserving of throwing ourselves a pity party. I would know, because this is a situation, I will admit, that I find myself in from time to time. This is where the simple, yet profoundly powerful, practice of gratitude comes in handy. Simply asking yourself the question, "What am I grateful for?" shifts the mind from a place of scanning for the negative to scanning for the positive...without even answering the question!

I'd like to share a short & sweet morning gratitude practice that I felt called to infuse into my morning ritual. Three has always been my magic number, so I like to name three answers for each of the following questions below. You can write them down, think them to yourself, name them out loud, or even share them with a loved one - whatever your style is, this simple practice can be done anywhere, at any time.

+ Grounding in the present - what am I grateful for in this present moment?

+ Reflecting on the past - what am I grateful for that happened yesterday?

+ Setting intention for the future - what can I shed a light of gratitude on that I wish to bring to fruition today?

The fall energy can feel chaotic at times with the element of wind rustling through our lives to stir up any matters that need tending before turning to the dark waters of winter's rest. If you find yourself spiraling down into negativity with the flustering winds of fall, catch yourself with this perspective shifting gratitude practice.

If you reside in the Big Apple or will be passing through during the month of October, I have a special treat in store for you!

While I cherish all of the seasons for their various offerings, I'm quite fond of fall. There's a special connection I feel to the fall season. Perhaps it's because I identify with the natural world around me most at this time. The changing foliage, with it's shades of orange, red, and brown, feel like kindred spirits to my ginger roots. #treetwinsies

There's definitely truth to that more superficial connection, but the deeper draw I have to the fall season is something that is a little less tangible, a little more ethereal in essence. My creativity seems to soar with the fall winds and I want to do so much, create so much, give so much. I can also get swept up in the whirlwind of biting off more than I can chew...and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way during the oncoming of the fall season. Combining my desires to create and teach, while still remaining grounded during the fall season, I've decided to launch my seasonal workshop + specialty series offerings. In better efforts to align myself with the natural world around me, I am creating a line of work that reflects this nature-based approach to lifestyle design.

This October, I will be offering a workshop followed by a series of classes to aide in the process of transitioning into and aligning with the fall season. I would love for you to join me on Sunday afternoons as we gather, breathe, and move through this transitional time together. Vinyasa and restorative yoga, holistic lifestyle design tools, a sanctuary space to get grounded, and a growing community to support each other - these are just a few things that can be harvested from these offerings. 

Click here to visit the offerings page on my website for full descriptions, date, time, and pricing.

*Once registration is open, I will send out an email with the registration link. Spots are limited, advanced registration is highly recommened! 


In the spirit of keeping things seasonal in my life, I'm in the midst of crafting Luminous Elixirs fall blends. Luminous Elixirs is my essential oil line that I've been developing since the spring. Originally, a purely customized line for made to order blends that fit your specific needs, I've decided to expand on the accessibility of Luminous Elixirs. Still keeping the customized blends option, I'm adding special seasonal blends that are designed with the season's energy in mind and how they have a general affect on everyone. These small batch, hand-crafted by yours truly products are created to support you through the seasons. 

FALL ESSENCE - a grounding + centering rollerball blend 
FALL MIST - a focusing + balancing aromatherapy spray 
FALL SERUM - a soothing + nourishing skin serum

I'll be releasing my fall blends in October, but a whisper carried upon the approaching fall winds told me that you'll receive a free FALL ESSENCE sample if you attend my fall // root + rhythm workshop on October 1st. 

As loyal Lumen Letters readers, you all will be the first to know as to when I release the fall blends and open up my online store for pre-orders! There may even be a special Lumen Letter discount for those of you subscribed to my letters.

Nearing the end, as another begins.
Summer's light slips away,
Fall beckons to us with the airy tendril
Of a wind quietly whispering,
"Dance with me, into the darkness."
On the night of a new moon,
The sky foreshadowing
This transitional frolic of Fall's fate. 
May you welcome the Fall season
With open arms, ready to harvest
Her abundance. 

Luminous love,

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