Full Moon No. 27, Summer


Greeting the sunrise with a little pickin' in Eastern Oregon
“This is a landscape steeped in stories, and those stories stalk us still.”

Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted
It's your lucky day!

Seriously, Friday the 13th falls on a full moon. How much more auspicious can it get?

I have plenty to share about my two weeks wandering the roads of the wild west, and you can follow that journey on my Instagram. Today is too special to spend writing in front of a screen, so I'm keeping things concise.

Before I spend the rest of my day communing with the fish folk at the river on this Pisces full moon, I wanted to share a podcast episode with you. 

While roaming the roads of Idaho during my road trip at the end of August, I listened to John Nores, a former game warden for California, candidly speak about his crazy experiences combatting marijuana cartel's devastating effects on wildlife. I personally had no idea anything like this was going on in our country. Sure, I was aware of illegal grow ops, but nothing to the extent that was illustrated through his stories. The rugged Idaho wilderness created the perfect backdrop as I took in the words of this man's heroic journey. I have so much more respect for game wardens now, especially the ones doing this badass conservation work while fighting crime. 

I hope this listen sheds some light on a very hidden war that's happening right here on our public lands. 
May you conjure the magic of this day,
& feast your eyes on the bright beauty of her fullness in the night's sky. 

Luminous love,
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Photo: Kitfox Valentín

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Stay luminous!
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