Full Moon No. 7, Spring
L U M E N  L E T T E R S
Fashionably S L O W
Smallclothes. Intimate things. Skivvies. Underoos. Panties.
Whatever you want to call them, that’s what it all started with.
What is IT, you ask?
IT is my search for eco-conscious, ethically sourced & crafted slow fashion garments to adorn my sacred temple of a body with. And don’t get me wrong…you don’t have to sit lotus style in a yoga studio all day, every day chanting into crystals until your body miraculously transcends into a sacred temple where people journey to imbibe hallucinogenic plant teachers like Ayahuasca until they too transcend their bodies into sacred temples to appreciate your own body as a sacred temple. Love my hippies, heck I am one, but I want to communicate these concepts in accessible ways no matter how you choose to spend your days.
Regardless of whether or not you see your body as such, please pause your reading endeavors, place both hands over your heart space, and take a deep breath as you send some gratitude to your glorious physical architecture that houses your spirit day in and day out.
Ahh, that’s better.
Spirit is vital, as are our bodies. And it’s not just important to be aware and mindful of how we feed and fuel these beautiful vessels, but also how we choose to dress them.
I don’t want to eat out of hormone disrupting, cancer contributing plastic Tupperware containers that leach nasty chemicals into the foods I consume…so why on earth would I want to expose my largest, most absorbent organ to clothes made out of these same kinds of toxic textiles?!
It took me a while to connect the dots, but here I am, slowly but surely awakening to the harms of the fast fashion industry.
In addition to polyester and other plastic based textiles being a main staple in the fast fashion industry, cotton makes up nearly half of the world’s fibers. Of all the insecticides used globally each year, conventional cotton crops use an estimated 16-25% per year, more than any other single crop. Those toxic chemicals are leaching into and negatively impacting both our skin and our planet’s skin. These fabrics are hurting our personal sacred temples and the shared sacred temple we walk upon and call home. Mother Earth isn’t reppin’ the latest trends in fashion, and I can’t blame her.
I could go on…
But I’m not here to report the shocking statistics and scientific studies of fashion and it’s textile crops. I’m here to share a mere glimpse into my personal experience with what it takes to find a truly, holistically good pair of underwear, among other clothing items.
Well…it takes quite a lot to find just the right fit.
I’m learning that just because a company is using an “eco-conscious” practice in their business model doesn’t mean that they use natural textiles, something that is becoming more appealing and crucial to my clothing purchases. Sure, you’re an “eco-conscious” company that prides itself on efficiency and waste elimination, but you’re still selling a product made out of plastic that sends nano-particles of toxic, cancer-causing plastic into the ocean each time a consumer washes your “eco-conscious” product.
Perhaps some of these eco-friendly claiming companies are a little shortsighted in their perspectives. Or maybe they are well aware of what they’re up to. This is where the art of greenwashing comes in!
Greenwashing is a hot, new, fresh off the runway trend in business models - a practice where companies advertise an environmentally responsible image by sharing misinformation meant to deceive the consumers into thinking they’re choosing the eco-conscious product all while the companies make a big buck.
Being a conscious fashion consumer, or conscious (fill in the blank) consumer requires some research. Companies that are truly transparent about their process, products, and business ethics receive major props from me. It takes some of the work out of the diggin’ deep efforts to educate yourself about what you’re actually buying into.
Staying clear of fast fashion purchases whenever possible, I’m now choosing to invest my money into companies who reflect the kinds of philosophies I personally resonate with - a big-picture approach to the products they’re putting out into the world and how those products affect the world in which they are put out into.
I’m still getting the hang of things and have loads more to learn about the world of eco-conscious, slow fashion as I journey onwards. My wardrobe will be experiencing a slow and steady revamp as I donate my old garments and choose to consciously replace them with garments that are made with the big-picture in mind.
Conscious fashion consuming requires patience, budgeting, and clearing any impulsive habits that may manifest in, say, emotional shopping sprees. These are important life skills to cultivate in general, so why not instill them into your fashion sense?

Luminous love,
Photo: Mark Shelby Perry

Speaking of fashion, I'm performing this weekend in a fashionably inspired dance theater piece!

Rocha Dance Theater presents
May 12th & 13th
8pm @ Baryshnikov Arts Center
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