As a professional dancer, yoga teacher and Reiki Master, I hold a deep appreciation for the connection between one's mind, body & spirit. While dance will always serve as a therapeutic outlet and form of profound self-expression for my own life experiences, I know that my purpose in this world reaches far beyond the stage and into the lives of others. 

Moved to guide and empower individuals who are inspired to embody their highest potential, I communicate a passion for health and wellness practices. Working with clients on an individualized basis, I draw upon my knowledge gained through personal experience in my various channels of creative professions. From an early age, I have been curious and invested in exploring and deepening the connection between my mind, body, and spirit through the medium of dance. At the age of sixteen, I continued to foster this connection through the completion of all four levels of training required to become a certified Reiki Master Practitioner. I pursued my dream by moving to New York to attend NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where I graduated cum laude, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and a minor in Psychology. During my final year of studies at NYU, I followed the innate calling to take on my role as a teacher, training to become a 300 hour licensed Mind Body Dancer® yoga teacher under the direction of TaraMarie Perri. Currently, I am based in Brooklyn where I express all of the facets of my ever-evolving luminous architecture as a professional dancer, teacher, and healer. 

Your sessions are designed to explore, create, and excavate your luminous architecture, making for a truly personalized and unparalleled experience. With a wide array of modalities to pull from, I am able to individually support my clients through a holistic approach to their personal needs. Together, we will co-create the perfect blend of health and wellness practices to assimilate into your life. Are you ready to discover your luminous architecture?